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Parents Guide


whattowearPre-School, Reception and Primary students uniform consists of:  
• White shirts and blue dresses and a hat, for girls
• Blue shorts and white shirts/tops and a hat , for boys
• Comfortable and sensible shoes (Black or White) for your child/children.
• No Thongs or Sandals and No colourful school shoes.
• Students should wear P.E. uniform when doing Physical Education.

Junior and Senior High Students uniform consists of

• Batik shirts and navy blue skirts, for girls
• Batik shirts and navy blue shorts, for boys
• Comfortable and sensible shoes (Black/Navy blue/white)
• White socks
• When PE time or CCA Sports, students should wear school uniform and bring the PE uniform and change when PE time.When finish the sports time then change to school uniform again.


No jewellery or any kinds of accessories for your child/children at school
Students are not allowed to bring any kind of perfume to school.
The junior students may use some cologne but not excessive.







whattobring• A School bag for carrying school  materials   (Tissues & a change of clothes, a lunch   box and drink)
• A picnic style lunch, including healthy sandwiches, salads, vegetables, or fruit is encouraged. A cool fruit drink is also recommended. Drinking Water is available at School.
• There are no facilities to refrigerate food.
• Lunch boxes & drink bottles that children can open themselves encourage independence and confidence.


• Same as Pre-School above ISB provides the basic pens, pencils, erasers and markers

whattobring2Primary Year –1
• Ten – 2 B pencils
• A packet of 8/12 colour pencils
• A pair of Scissors, a ruler with inches & centimetres
• A package of crayons
• An eraser
• A pencil sharpener
• A Hat
• Tissues, a water bottle, a lunch box
• A School bag and a case to keep the above school supplies
• Healthy lunches are encouraged as above.
• We suggest that parents may prepare a change of clothes that can be kept at  school

PRIMARY Year – 2 & Year – 3
• As Year – 1 (Above)
• Glue stick
whattobring3PRIMARY Year – 4, Year – 5 and Y-6
• As Year – 1 (Above)
• Glue stick
• Basic function calculator






Junior and Senior High Students

What to do and what to bring for Junior and Senior High Students stated in their diary book/ Student Organiser. Please read carefully and follow the school rules.

School provides Exercise books, folders, Diary as for communication between school and parents and photocopies. When students lose the diary or forget to do or to bring the homework back to school, teachers have to copy or replace the books, school will charge to parents accordingly. So please help your child/children to do the homework and make sure they bring the homework back to school and bring all the stationary needed for the class as above list according to the year class.

To keep the teachers informed, please feel free to send in notes regarding sickness, or parent absence from home, or any relevant information that may affect your child’s usual self. If you have any concern or issues which you require to discuss with the teachers, please send in a brief note or write in the child’s diary indicating the area of concern, and we will promptly arrange a meeting outside School hours.

Thank you


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